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Custom Birthday Outfit

Custom Birthday Outfit

Watching them grow up quickly is never easy, you blink and suddenly you are planning their 1st birthday! 


Our custom birthday outfits are the perfect addition to any birthday (whether its their 1st or 10th) we can organise a handmade custom outfit. We select the best materials and work with you to create the perfect outfit, so that way you can keep it after as a keepsake. All we need from you is the theme and colours, we do the rest!


Each outfit comes with:

  • Custom Onesie/ T-shirt 
  • Matching Tutu

Matching crown/party hat can be added for a fee.

Onesie and Tutu can be purchased seperately



When ordering please provide details on what you would like the onesie/shirt to say, theme of party and colour scheme.


We use heat vinyl for outfits however there is an option to have it be infuable ink (which is where we use a heat-activated process to bind the specially formulated ink with compatible Infusible Ink blanks for permanent transfers that will not wrinkle, crack, flake, or bleed.) Please ensure you select Infusable option if you would like this option. 


If shirt/onesie has highly complex detailing such as stars scattered throughout shirt there will be an additional fee (which will be discussed and approved prior to being charged) 


The onesies/shirts customation is handmade, each letter placed meticulously, some aspects may be handdrawn. The Tutu is handcut, handsewn and handmade. This process takes time therefore please give a minimum of 3 business days for creating.

As these are custom made, all purchases are final. You will be updated throughout the design and creation process. If you request any changes to be done after completeion of outfit there will be an additional charge. 

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