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This Is Us

Hi beautiful! 

Thanks for stopping by, I cannot thank you enough for supporting me, yes even reading this is support. You are here aren't you? 

In case you were curious about the person behind the designs, cute outfits and so on and so forth, let me introduce myself. My name is Teliska, I am a one woman show and a Mumma to the cheekiest little human who happens to be the muse for our store name. I run this business out of my home in the gorgeous part of the world WA, Australia from an overcrowded craft room (always need more space and shelving- can never have enough shelving!) 

This all started when I fell pregnant, I've always had a creative flair and never really thought to put it to use or expanding it beyond family birthdays. I wanted a place where i not only catered for little humans but also to take your ideas, add some sparkle (only if needed) and make them come to life. I have such a passion for craft, and creation of beautiful things, it truly is the most fun doing custom orders for people! 

I am a perfectionist and love the smile and gratitude when I've gone above and beyond expectations! I would love nothing more than to create something for you, or if there's anything we already have in store that you have your eye on then sweet! Overall the support and appreciation I get from my customers is more than enough!

If you had any questions, suggestions, or just wanted to say HEY, I'm always around!

Thanks Again


Simply Stella 


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