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The Pre-Loved Collection

The Pre-Loved Collection

The 3R's in fashion





WHO DOESN"T LOVE A BOW or LITTLE TURBAN!? I mean talk about adding some sparkle to an outfit! But why spend so much money buying new when you can spend it on The Pre-Loved Collection.


As its name suggests we take old material or clothes once loved by others, give them a hefty clean and turn them into either a bow or turban (your choice) I mean come on, if that isnt the best idea there ever was!

Our Bow Clips come in packs of 2

Turbans and Headband Bows sold individually.


All our materials are either gifted or thrifted. Our Instagram will have updated material options we have. If you do not see them or arent sure we will contact you directly with material option avaliable.

If you are hunting a colour or pattern in specific I am more than happy to hunt for that too.

As some materials have no stretch i will try meet your needs within reason.


I can also upon special request (please contact directly) take old clothes your little one wore once, grandads shirt, dads old work uniform, mums favourite dress when pregnant, anything extra special and craft that into both a bow and turban as a set (given theres enough material)



These are all handmade, hand cut, hand sewn therefore alot of passion, love and time goes into their creation. So please know the handling time and processing time in 5-10 days depending on quanity ordered.

  • Do not Tumble Dry
  • Do not Soak
  • Do Not Bleach
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